Helping Great Entrepreneurs Build Great Companies for the Greater Good.

Slayton Capital seeks to maximize the social and financial benefits of our investments. We want every Slayton Capital portfolio company to be a “Blessing Machine” for its employees, its clients, its partners and yes, its investors.  Therefore we are very careful to study not only the financial ROI of a potential investment but also its social ROI. We do that because we know we are stewards of what God has entrusted to us – so we must be wise stewards. As Jesus taught: “To whom much is given, much is expected”

We do not make investments outside of our network. We only invest in companies where we know, trust and respect the founder and/or chairman and/or CEO. Therefore we do not accept, nor will we even read, an “over the transom” proposal.

Since its founding Slayton Capital has had no Limited Partners (LPs) by design. This allows our Founder the flexibility to run the Slayton Family Foundation (www.FamilyFirstGlobal.org) which serves millions of Asian families each year. Slayton Capital commits at least 10% of its profits to the work of Family First Global and other fine non-profits.