Founded in 2001 in
Silicon Valley California

Slayton Capital was founded in 2001 in Silicon Valley California by the Honorable Gregory W. Slayton as an early stage venture capital/angel fund. Slayton Capital invests using four primarily criteria (see Our Investment Focus) – and only in companies where Mr. Slayton knows, trusts and respects the principals personally. Slayton Capital was an early investor in Salesforce.comGoogleOakley Networks and Bloom Energy – some of the most successful Silicon Valley companies of the past 20 years. In each case, Slayton Capital took a seat on the Board of Advisors, helped to build corporate capacity in agreed to areas, and made an equity investment.

Slayton Capital invests in relatively few companies (2 to 4 per year) and works hard to add value in agreed to areas. Slayton Capital is a long-term investor that works closely with senior management to help ensure each portfolio company’s long-term success. Mr. Slayton’s background (Dartmouth & HBS with honors, Fulbright Scholar to Asia, McKinsey & Co, successful high tech senior executive and CEO, 20 year Silicon Valley Venture Capitalist, US Ambassador, Ivy League Professor, and Global Philanthropist) has allowed him to develop a range of skills/knowledge/connections that are vitally important to a successful start-up. His world-wide network of senior executives, government officials, media leaders and other VIPs is both broad and deep.

Slayton Capital works carefully with each of its portfolio companies to add significant value in the following areas: Business Strategy, Executive and Board recruiting, Business Development, Digital Marketing, Equity and/or Debt Fundraising and eventually maximizing the value of the Company in an IPO, sale or merger.

Slayton Capital has no Limited Partners by design to allow its Managing Director more time to work with the Slayton Family Foundation (www.FellowshipOfFathers.org and www.FamilyFirstGlobal.org ). Please note that Slayton Capital does not and will never consider unsolicited business plans or proposals.